(Season 1)

1-Three Bells to Perdido (September 14, 1957) A rancher, Jesse Reade, pays Paladin $1,000 to track down outlaw Dave Enderby, who ran off to Mexico with Reade’s daughter.

2-The Outlaw (September 21, 1957) After Manfred Holt escapes from prison and kills two deputies in the process, a banker worries that Holt might be coming for him.  To ensure his safety, the banker hires Paladin.

3-The Great Mojave Chase (September 28, 1957) Paladin decides to enter the Great Mojave Chase, where Kane, a local landowner, wagers that a man can’t elude his posse through the desert to an oasis. However, when Paladin arrives with a camel, he discovers that Kane forces the townsfolk to pay top dollar for water rights, and the gunslinger decides they can use his services.

4-Winchester Quarantine (October 5, 1957)  An Indian homesteader is threatened…Paladin steps in when he witnesses a Cherokee rancher being beaten by a group of white men.

5-A Matter of Ethics (October 12, 1957) A man accused of murder hires Paladin to protect him, fearing that he will be lynched before he can receive a fair trial in Bender, Wyoming.

6-The Bride (October 19, 1957) Paladin stays with a mail-order bride in order to keep her safe.

7-Strange Vendetta (October 26, 1957) After a friend is stabbed and killed, Paladin ensures that his body will be taken back to his hometown in Mexico for a proper burial.

8-High Wire (November 2, 1957) At a bar, a hobo wages a bet that he can walk across a tightrope down the length of a saloon.  But when Paladin notices that the hobo’s opponent plans on cheating to win the bet, he makes sure the odds are even.

9-Show of Force (November 9, 1957) Paladin gets himself in the middle of a range war after winning rifles in a poker game.

10-The Long Night (November 16, 1957) Paladin and two other men are held hostage by a cattlemen.  Unless one of the three admit to murdering his wife, the cattlemen will kill them all at dawn.

11-The Colonel and the Lady (November 23, 1957) A colonel hires Paladin to go to a Nevada mining town to track down a saloon girl.

12-No Visitors (November 30, 1957) Paladin comes across a woman and her child, who is stricken with typhoid, abandoned on the side of the road. He tracks down the help of a doctor in a nearby town to help.

13-The Englishman (December 7, 1957) Paladin is hired to escort an Englishman to a ranch he inherited in Montana.

14-The Yuma Treasure (December 14, 1957) Paladin heads out with a calvary major to negotiate a treaty with the Apache tribe.

15-The Hanging Cross (December 21, 1957) On Christmas Eve, a rancher who has recovered his abducted son from a Pawnee Indian tribe prepares to kill them when they come looking for the boy.

16-Helen of Abajinian (December 28, 1957) A winemaker hires Paladin to end his daughter’s romance with a farmhand.

17-Ella West (January 4, 1958) A wild west show producer hires Paladin to get a handle on a female sharpshooter, Ella West.

18-The Reasonable Man (January 11, 1958) A rancher hires Paladin to stop a duel between him and his son from turning deadly.

19-The High Graders (January 18, 1958) After a man is killed in an accident, Paladin uncovers that the man may have been murdered.

20-The Last Laugh (January 25, 1958) Paladin is the center of blame when a practical joke set up by a rancher goes terribly wrong.

21-The Bostonian (February 2, 1958) Paladin is hired by a landowner who is in the middle of a growing feud with a cattle rancher.

22-The Singer (February 8, 1958) A cowboy asks Paladin to help his ex-girlfriend who he thinks is being held prisoner.

23-Bitter Wine (February 15, 1958) Paladin is asked to help a vineyard from being destroyed by a leaking oil well.

24-Girl from Piccadilly (February 22, 1958) After his son dies, a wealthy man hires Paladin to find his son’s wife whom he never met.  But things become difficult when two different women claim to be the man’s daughter-in-law.

25-The O’Hare Story (March 1, 1958) Paladin is hired to stop a dam from being built, but ends up siding with the dam engineer instead.

26-Birds of a Feather (March 8, 1958) Paladin is put in the middle of a land dispute between two different railroad companies in Colorado.

27-The Teacher (March 15, 1958) Paladin comes to the defense of a teacher who was threatened after she taught about war crimes that occurred during the Civil War.

28-Killer’s Widow (March 22, 1958) After killing a bank robber, Paladin himself is accused of stealing the money.

29-Gun Shy (March 29, 1958) Paladin finds himself in Montana chasing a band of thieves who stole a valuable chess set.  While there, Paladin finds himself attracted to a landlady’s beautiful daughter.

30-The Prize Fight Story (April 5, 1958) Paladin heads to a mining town to promote a boxer in a prizefight, but when his boxer is arrested, Paladin must fight in his place.

31-Hey Boy’s Revenge (April 12, 1958) Hey Boy’s brother is murdered in Utah and Paladin must seek justice for Hey Boy.

32-The Five Books of Owen Deaver (April 26, 1958) Paladin helps a young sheriff in Philadelphia who is having a tough time keeping law and order in the large city.

33-The Silver Queen (May 3, 1958) Lonely Leadhead Kane passes away and wills his half of his mine to an actress.  But when Kane’s partner challenges the will, Paladin finds that he’s trying to be stopped from getting the actress to court safely.

34-Three Sons (May 10, 1958) Newlyweds stay with Paladin when they find themselves with no place else to go.

35-The Return of Dr. Thackeray (May 17, 1958) Dr. Phyllis Thackeray diagnoses a cook with smallpox and worries that all of the farmhands might come down with it as well.

36-Twenty-Four Hours at North Fork (May 24, 1958) A blight kills all the crops in the area except for one farmer.  Paladin is hired to protect the farmer and the farm that a storekeeper wants to take from him.

37-Silver Convoy (May 31, 1958) Paladin is hired to locate James Becker, and follows him to Monterey where Becker is later killed in a mine accident.  Following the accident, the mine owner hires Paladin to protect a load of silver.

38-Deliver the Body (June 7, 1958) Paladin is hired to bring the killer of a sheriff to justice.

39-The Statue of San Sebastian (June 14, 1958) Paladin must capture an outlaw to exchange for a missing statue at a mission in San Sebastian.


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