(Season 2)

40-The Manhunter (September 13, 1958) Paladin kills Jimmy Dawes, a wanted murderer.  But when he brings Dawes’ body back to his hometown, Paladin isn’t well received.

41-In an Evil Time (September 20, 1958) Pappy French’s gang steals $50,000 from a bank.  The bank hires Paladin to bring the gang into justice and retrieve the money.

42-The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk (September 27, 1958) Paladin gets an unusual request from Chris Sorenson, a man who has a hard time speaking when around women, after he falls for his new neighbor, Maria de Castro.

43-The Hanging of Roy Carter (October 4, 1958) Roy Carter is scheduled to be hanged, but another man confesses to the crime Carter was convicted of.  Now, Paladin has to find a way to delay the hanging.

44-Duel at Florence (October 11, 1958) Paladin is hired by Ernie Teller to help him with a marital issue.

45-The Protege (October 18, 1958) Paladin answers an ad in a paper asking for help learning to quick draw.  A young man needs to learn how to become a gunslinger to take on a killer in his hometown. However, after Paladin’s protege wins, he soon discovers that the power has gone to his head.

46-The Road to Wickenburg (October 25, 1958) Paladin is drugged and then beaten up by five men.  With everything he owns stolen, Paladin must find the five men with nothing but his derringer… and two bullets.

47-A Sense of Justice (November 1, 1958) A sheriff needs Paladin’s help to stop the lynching of Andy Dawes, for the murder of Briggs. However, the gunslinger investigates and learns who the person responsible for the death really is.

48-Young Gun (November 8, 1958) Paladin has to face both Roy Calvert and his son when the Calverts are blocking a town’s water access.

49-The Lady (November 15, 1958) Diana Coulter hires Paladin to escort her to her brother’s ranch in Shiprock, Arizona.

50-A Snare for Murder (November 22,1958) Two rival gold miners both hit it big, but now both men are being targeted after finding a ton of gold.

51-The Ballad of Oscar Wilde (December 6, 1958) Oscar Wilde hires Paladin to protect him, but the other three men who applied for the job decide to kidnap Wilde, forcing Paladin to take things into his own hands.

52-The Solid Gold Patrol (December 13, 1958) Paladin tells a cavalry man that he’s won $600,000, but the man runs into trouble when going to cash the lottery ticket.

53-Something to Live For (December 20, 1958) While helping settle a land dispute, Paladin comes across a wealthy man who has been left to die.

54-The Moor’s Revenge (December 27, 1958) A show promoter hires Paladin to ensure that no scuffles break out during a Shakespearean performance.

55-The Wager (January 3,1959) Paladin is hired to protect Sid Morgan, but after shots are fired, Paladin discovers the real reason he was hired.

56-The Taffeta Mayor (January 10, 1959) John Kellaway, a man running for mayor of a Wyoming town, hires Paladin to protect him from his opposition. When he dies before Paladin can arrive, the gunslinger convinces Kellaway’s widow to run for mayor.

57-Lady on the Stagecoach (January 17, 1959) Paladin travels in a stagecoach with four others, including a daughter of an Apache chief, while carrying a load of gold that many have their eye on.

58-Treasure Trail (January 24, 1959) After winning part of a treasure map in a hand of poker, Paladin sets out with three others to find the treasure.

59-Juliet (January 31, 1959) Paladin meets Juliet Harper, who is being hunted, and is now being hunted himself.  However, Paladin is without his gun.

60-Hunt the Man Down (February 7, 1959) Paladin offers to help an old friend who was threatened after putting up barbed wire.

61-The Scorched Feather (February 14, 1959) Robert Ceilbleu hires Paladin to protect him from a war chief on a mission to kill him.

62-The Return of the Lady (February 21, 1959) Diana Coulter hires Paladin to give her away at a wedding.

63-The Monster of Moon Ridge (February 28, 1959) The town of Moon Ridge, Colorado, think that there is something dangerous living in their mountains.  One man hires Paladin to figure out what it is.

64-The Long Hunt (March 7, 1959) Paladin is hired to find Thomas Orday, a man who killed two and wounded one other.

65-Death of a Gunfighter (March 14, 1959) Paladin is hired to track down and capture Juan Carlos Morrita, a gunman who has killed nine men.

66-Incident at Borrasca Bend (March 21, 1959) Paladin is falsely charged with a murder when he returns money to a prospector at a miners’ tent town.

67-Maggie O’Bannion (April 4, 1959) Paladin is bushwhacked has everything taken from him.  He finds work as a handyman at a nearby ranch where the owner is a naive girl never trained to run a business or deal with the hired help.

68-The Chase (April 11, 1959) Paul Martin, a bank clerk, is accused of robbing a bank.  His wife hires Paladin to track down her husband before a ruthless mob does so first.

69-Alaska (April 18, 1959) Paladin is asked for help by Boris, an Alaskan man who is being forced out of his territory.

70-The Man Who Lost (April 25, 1959) Paladin tracks Benjamin Coey, a murderer who is being hunted by several others who want to kill him before he can stand trial.

71-The Return of Roy Carter (May 2, 1959) Roy Carter requests help from Paladin to help him find Robert April, a man who saved Roy’s life.

72-The Sons of Aaron Murdock (May 9, 1959) Aaron Murdock hires Paladin to help find his son who recently escaped from prison.

73-Comanche (May 16, 1959) A corporal deserts his cavalry squad and his mother hires Paladin to find him.

74-Homecoming (May 23, 1959) Ed Stacy is wrongly convicted and later released and pardoned.  Will Stanhope hires Paladin to protect Stacy.

75-The Fifth Man (May 30, 1959) Ben Talman, a man who killed 12 men in cold blood, escapes from prison and promptly kills four more.  Paladin is hired to once again bring him to justice.

76-Heritage of Anger (June 6, 1959) Paladin protects the Avery family from Manuel Garcia, a Mexican convict.

77-The Haunted Trees (June 13, 1959) After Ben Howard is disinherited in his father’s will, his sister claims he’s sabotaging the family business.  The family matriarch hires Paladin to settle the dispute.

78-Gold and Brimstone (June 20, 1959) Paladin helps an old man and his son protect their mine.


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