(Season 3)

79-First, Catch a Tiger (September 12, 1959) Three men bring an outlaw in to be hanged, but before he is brought to justice, two of the men are killed.  Now, the third man, who happens to be Paladin, must look out for himself in order to not suffer the same fate as the other two men.

80-Episode in Laredo (September 19, 1959) Kovak reserves a hotel for Tuttle, a gunslinger.  But when Paladin is forced to kill Kovak, he must go up against Tuttle instead.

81-Les Girls (September 26, 1959) Paladin is hired to escort three mail-order brides to Oregon.

82-The Posse (October 3, 1959) Paladin asks a stranger for directions and the man invites him to share his campsite with him.  However, the man soon announces to his posse that Paladin is the murderer they’re looking for.

83-Shot by Request (October 10, 1959) Paladin is hired to complete a strange task for a man named Ainslee.

84-Pancho (October 24, 1959) Don Luis Ortega hires Paladin to escort his daughter into the United States.  But a man from Ortega’s ranch is determined to keep her in Mexico.

85-Fragile (October 31, 1959) Paladin is hired by a restaurant owner to bring a plate-glass window to a wild town.

86-The Unforgiven (November 7, 1959) A dying general, General Crommer, asks Paladin to take a message to another man.

87-The Black Hankerchief (November 14, 1959) The Deverall family hires Paladin to clear their son’s name.

88-The Golden Toad (November 21, 1959) Paladin is caught in the middle of a land dispute between a farming family and a saloon owner.

89-Tiger (November 28, 1959) Paladin is hired by Ellsworth, an arrogant millionaire who thinks a tiger curse has been placed on him.

90-Champaigne Safari (December 5, 1959) An old friend of Paladin’s requests his help after a family member is killed in an Indian raid.

91-Charley Red Dog (December 12,1959) The town of Santa Maria, New Mexico is in need of a new town marshal, and one man, Charley Red Dog, is out to get the job. However, he may not survive unless Paladin lends a hand.

92-The Naked Gun (December 19, 1959) While in Oregon, Paladin makes a new friend, Monk, who he helps get out of a group of unruly herders.

93-One Came Back (December 26, 1959) When his five-year prison term for crimes committed during the Civil War is up, Ben Harvey is eager to return to his hometown of Gila.  Harvey hires Paladin to keep him protected on the way to Gila.

94-The Prophet (January 2, 1960) The Army asks Paladin to find a missing colonel.

95-Day of the Badman (January 9, 1960) A woman in the town of Cedar Wells hires Paladin to get a gang out of town. Paladin ends up joining forces with a duo from back east to save the town.

96-The Pledge (January 16, 1960) Ike Brennan hires Paladin to escort him through Indian country in order to exchange goods for his wife, who is being held hostage by the Indians.

97-Jenny (January 23, 1960) Jenny Lake goes to Paladin for help to ward off Wilson, a suitor who is pursuing her.  But when Jenny disappears, Paladin must follow a trail to find her.

98-Return to Fort Benjamin (January 30, 1960) Paladin is hired to help an Indian chief whose son is awaiting execution by the U.S. Army.  The chief wants Paladin to bring his body back following the execution to ensure he has a proper burial.  However, once Paladin makes contact with the chief’s son, he begins to wonder if he’s actually guilty.

99-Night the Town Died (February 6, 1960) Aaron Bell is on the warpath to bring his brother’s lynchers to justice.  Paladin is hired to protect a town from Bell.

100-The Ledge (February 13, 1960) Paladin heads out on the road with four men. They encounter a man who has fallen off a cliff and landed below. The men are unable to determine if he’s alive and dead, and must decide if they will risk their lives to save his, or if he is even alive to take the risk.

101-The Lady on the Wall (February 20, 1960) Paladin is accused of stealing a painting in the small town of Bonanza.

102-The Misguided Father (February 27, 1960) An old friend of Paladin is shot and killed in Paladin’s hotel room.  After returning the body for burial, Paladin sets out to find the killer.

103-The Hatchet Man (March 5, 1960) San Francisco hires Paladin to protect a Chinese detective.

104-Fight at Adobe Wells (March 12, 1960) Paladin is hired to escort Jonathan Guilder through Indian country.

105-The Gladiators (March 19, 1960) Allison Windrom hires Paladin to stop her father and Graham Beckley from dueling.

106-Love of a Bad Woman (March 26, 1960) Paladin is hired by Haskell Sommers, a man married to a woman who is on the hunt for a new husband, to ward off his wife’s suitors.

107-An International Affair (April 2, 1960) A Hawaiian prince is killed in Paladin’s hotel room and Paladin must find out why the prince was targeted.

108-Lady with a Gun (April 9, 1960) Paladin is offered a thousand dollars to kill a man for Eve McIntosh.

109-Never Help the Devil (April 16, 1960) After winning a gunfight, Doggie Kramer must find a safe way out of town, which is where Paladin comes in.

110-Ambush (April 23, 1960) Paladin, his prisoner, and three other travelers are taken prisoner by a bounty hunter holding them for father seeking the killer of his son.

111-Black Sheep (April 30, 1960) A wanted fugitive, who is the son of an extremely wealthy man, is being tracked by Paladin, who has been hired to find him and bring him to justice.

112-Full Circle (May 14, 1960) A man who once left Paladin for dead requests help from Paladin.

113-The Twins (May 21, 1960) A man claims that his twin brother is the killer, not himself.  Paladin is hired to prove this theory.

114-The Campaign of Billy Banjo (May 28, 1960) Billy Banjo, a friend of Paladin, asks Paladin to help with a fair election.

115-Ransom (June 4, 1960) Paladin is hired to find Colonel Celine in order to get him to sign an important document.

116-The Trial (June 11, 1960) Paladin is hired by Morgan Gibbs to bring in his son David, a wanted man, to justice. But when a bounty hunter kills David, the father blames Paladin.

117-The Search (June 18, 1960) A dying woman requests that Paladin finds her missing son, but an man in Harper City doesn’t want want Paladin to succeed.


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