(Season 4)

118-The Fatalist (September 10, 1960) An immigrant and his daughter are forced to testify in a murder trial by a crime boss.  Not wanting to comply with the boss’s demands, the daughter requests help from Paladin.

119-Love’s Young Dream (September 17, 1960) Monk comes to San Francisco to collect on an inheritance that includes half-ownership in a night club.  To ensure everything goes as planned, Monk goes to Paladin for help.

120-A Head of Hair (September 24, 1960) An Apache Indian has his eye on scalping Paladin.

121-Out at the Old Ballpark (October 1, 1960) Paladin serves as umpire for a Wild West baseball game.

122-Saturday Night (October 8, 1960) Paladin and some other men are arrested following a bar brawl.  When Paladin wakes up in his holding cell, he learns that one of the other men has been murdered.

123-The Calf (October 15, 1960) When a calf is found dead, a rancher seeks revenge on another.

124-The Tender Gun (October 22, 1960) During his travels, Paladin encounters a female sheriff.

125-The Shooting of Jesse May (October 29, 1960) When Jesse May is shot, Paladin begins to believe that a boy murdered him.

126-The Poker Fiend (November 12, 1960) A poker game takes a deadly turn and Paladin is caught in the middle.

127-Crowbait (November 19, 1960) A man risks his life to be able to protect his daughter’s dowry.

128-Marshal’s Boy (November 26, 1960) Paladin must track down a marshal’s son accused of a shooting and persuade him to turn himself into the authorities.

129-Foggbound (December 3, 1960) Paladin is hired to travel with adventurer Phileas Fogg during his 80 day trip around the world.

130-The Legacy (December 10, 1960) After a man dies, the reading of his will causes three additional murders.

131-The Prisoner (December 17, 1960) Paladin is hired by a man who has been wrongly accused of murder.

132-The Mountebank (December 24, 1960) A puppeteer gives Paladin a wagon ride to an Army fort commanded by a general with presidential aspirations.

133-The Sanctuary (December 31, 1960) Coming off the trail, Paladin pulls into a mission seeking a night’s rest and ends up helping a man running from a lynch mob.

134-A Quiet Night in Town (1) (January 7, 1961) When a group of men kill Paladin’s prisoner, Paladin must bring the group of murders to justice.

135 -A Quiet Night in Town (2) (January 14, 1961) When a group of men kill Paladin’s prisoner, Paladin must bring the group of murders to justice.

136-The Princess and the Gunfighter (January 21, 1961) Paladin is hired to find the princess of a tiny kingdom who disappeared while making a United States tour.

137 -Shadow of a Man (January 28, 1961) A former Confederate officer’s wife hires Paladin to protect her husband from a bunch of Rebel hating townspeople.

138-Long Way Home (February 4, 1961) Paladin competes with four other bounty hunters to bring in a former slave turned outlaw.

139-The Tax Gatherer (February 11, 1961) Paladin gets hired to collect back taxes owed by a group of recalcitrant ranchers in Oregon.

140-The Fatal Flaw (February 25, 1961) Paladin and three others must weather a blizzard in a remote cabin.

141-Fandango (March 4, 1961) Paladin and a sheriff friend are on the trail of two young killers who escaped from jail.  But so is the gunslinger brother of the man they killed.

142-The Last Judgement (March 11, 1961) A doctor recruits Paladin as his defense attorney when he’s put on trial in a small town kangaroo courty.

143-The Gold Bar (March 18, 1961) Paladin tries to help a timid bank clerk return the gold he stole from his employer before its discovered missing.

144-Everyman (March 25, 1961) A fortune teller predicts trouble for Paladin in the extremely near future.

145-The Siege (April 1, 1961) A desert town hires Paladin to deal with three no talent assclown brothers who have been poisoning the municipal water supply.

146-The Long Weekend (April 8, 1961) Paladin is hired to protect a town from a mountain man who occasionally wreaks havoc in the place.

147-El Paso Stage (April 15, 1961) Paladin decides to end the reign of terror of a psychotic town marshal.

148-Duke of Texas (April 22, 1961) Paladin accompanies an Austrian duke on his quixotic campaign to become Emperor of Mexico.

149-Broken Image (April 29, 1961) Paladin and a local hero go in pursuit of a gang of bank robbers but the hero may not be what he seems.

150-Brother’s Keeper (May 6, 1961) After being attacked by a mountain lion in the wild, things go from awful to worse for Paladin when he’s robbed and left for dead by two men.

151-Bearbait (May 13, 1961) Paladin becomes involved when a timid sheriff refuses to do anything about three young hooligans who are terrorizing a town.

152-The Cure (May 20, 1961) Paladin helps down on her luck Calamity Jane regain her mojo.

153-The Road (May 27, 1961) In the wintertime, Paladin gets robbed and is forced to cross a mountain range on foot.

154-The Uneasy Grave (June 3, 1961) After encountering a woman burying her fiancee in an unmarked grave, Paladin is persuaded to go after the deceased’s killer.

155-Soledad Crossing (June 10, 1961) A diptheria scare slows Paladin’s return of a prisoner to justice.


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