(Season 5)

156-The Vigil (September, 1961) Paladin escorts a nurse through treacherous mountains and they happen upon two prospectors who might have committed a murder.

157-The Education of Sarah Jane (September, 1961) In this Have Gun, Will Travel version of Romeo and Juliet, Paladin tries to help young lovers who happen to be on opposite sides of a bitter family feud.

158-The Revenger (September, 1961) Paladin is aboard a stagecoach that gets waylaid by Mexican banditos.

159-Odds for Big Red (October 7, 1961) Paladin tries to get medical attention for a saloon owner who was wounded in one of his gunfights.

160-A Proof of Love (October 14, 1961) A wuss hires Paladin to retrieve his Greek mail order bride from a neighbor who stole her away.

161-The Gospel Singer (October 21, 1961) Paladin finds himself at odds with a female missionary when he’s hired to disarm a town that’s been rocked by violence. He believes in using his gun, while she insists that all men should live in peace and disarm.

162-The Race (October 28, 1961) Paladin represents a group of downtrodden Native Americans in a two-man, winner-take-all equestrian race.

163-The Hanging of Aaron Gibbs (November 4, 1961) An Afro-American woman wants a chance to say goodbye to her husband, who has been sentenced to hang.  She hires Paladin to escort her as well as bring his body home for burial.

164-The Piano (November 11, 1961) This time Paladin is hired by a pianist to retrieve the man’s stolen piano.

165-Ben Jalisco (November 18, 1961) A murderer escapes from custody seeking revenge upon Paladin, who apprehended him, and his wife, who informed.

166-The Brothers (November 25, 1961) Paladin apprehends a killer and leads him across the desert where they run into a crazy old man in a covered wagon.

167-A Drop of Blood (December 2, 1961) Paladin tries to keep the wedding of an old friend’s daughter from being ruined by an outlaw.

168-A Knight to Remember (December 9, 1961) A wealthy ranchero hires Paladin to protect his father.  It seems as though the old gent believes himself to be the legendary Don Quixote.

169-Blind Circle (December 16, 1961) A group of cattlemen hire Paladin to stop their out of control hired gun from killing again.

170-The Kid (December 23, 1961) Paladin improbably wins a young boy in a poker game.

171-Squatter’s Rights (December 30, 1961) Against his better judgment, Paladin agrees to pay off a Civil War debt of honor by driving homesteaders off the land of a ruthless cattle baron.

172-Lazarus (January 6, 1962) The town wuss, who mistakenly believes he’s dying, summons up enough courage to kill the town bully. Paladin helps the man deal with the aftermath.

173-Justice in Hell (January 13, 1962) Paladin tracks a killer to a town controlled by outlaws and does some tricky maneuvering to get his man.

174-Mark of Cain (January 20, 1962) Paladin is hired by a British criminologist to track down a reclusive gunslinger.

175-The Exiles (January 27, 1962) A Mexican general, who’s of lower class origin, hires Paladin to find and gain him an audience with a group of aristocrats.

176-The Hunt (February 3, 1962) An exiled Russian prince, bored with his life, decides to hunt the most dangerous game of all–man.  The man he selects to hunt is Paladin.

177-Dream Girl (February 10, 1962) A miner who just hit it rich aims to wed a greedy barmaid.  It’s up to Paladin to show him the truth about the damsel.

178-One, Two, Three (February 17, 1962) Searching for the winner of a lottery, Paladin has three potential winners get mysteriously killed right underneath his nose.

179-The Waiting Room (February 24, 1962) Paladin escorts two outlaw brothers to their hanging and suspects that someone is following with the intent of setting the two siblings free and killing him.

180-The Trap (March 3, 1962) On a dark and stormy night, Paladin stays at a run-down inn and encounters three strange characters.

181-Don’t Shoot the Piano Player (March 10, 1962) A female poetess hires Paladin to rescue her fiancee from the seedy underbelly of San Francisco life.

182-Alice (March 17, 1962) Paladin travels with a woman to a town in search of her saloon owner mother who’s gone missing.

183-The Man Who Struck Moonshine (March 24, 1962) Paladin stumbles upon a man trying to beat his drinking problem but amazingly his well produces whiskey instead of water.

184-Silent Death, Secret Death (March 31, 1962) Tracking a misssing man, Paladin stumbles upon a man who’s made himself dictator of an abandoned fort and is also suffering from typhoid.

185-Hobson’s Choice (April 7, 1962) Paladin must find a missing case of nitroglycerin for its inventor–the famed Alfred Nobel.

186-Coming of the Tiger (April 14, 1962) Paladin is hired to intercept a samurai and a priest who are coming to San Francisco to sew discontent among Japanese settlers.

187-Darwin’s Man (April 21, 1962) A rancher pits his two sons against each other in a survival of the fittest contest.  It’s up to Paladin to prevent tragedy from ensuing.

188-Invasion (April 28, 1962) Paladin goes up against an Irish rabble rouser to prevent him from raising an army to invade Canada.

189-Cream of the Jest (May 5, 1962) Paladin tries to stop a practical joker from pulling one prank too many.

190-Bandit (May 12, 1962) Paladin finds himself going against a female outlaw.

191-Pandora’s Box (May 19, 1962) Paladin and his prisoner interact with a group of lower class wanderers.

192-Jonah (May 26, 1962) Paladin tries to recover $20,000 in gold located at the bottom of a lake.  Three outlaws and a greedy fisherman stand in his way.

193-The Knight (June 2, 1962) A German count hires Paladin to track down a notorious killer from his country who has fled to America.


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