219-“Sweet Lady of the Moon”

“Sweet Lady of the Moon”

Original Airdate:  (March 9, 1963)

Paladin is hired to protect a murderer who was declared criminally insane but has been pronounced cured.

Directed by Richard Boone, Written by Harry Julian Fink.

CRAHAN DENTON as Carl Soddenberg
HARRY CAREY JR. as Ben Murdock
DOROTHY DELLS as Mary Murdock
HAL NEEDHAM as Jimmy Traynor (uncredited)
JOAN SWIFT as Woman (uncredited)

CRAHAN DENTON also appeared in: (The Trap, 1962) as Marshal Jim Buell, (The Puppeteer, 1960) as Jack Burnaby (Dr. Humbug).

RICHARD SHANNON also appeared in: (Alice, 1962) as Morgan, (A Knight to Remember, 1961) as the Escort, (The Ledge, 1960) as Cass Richards, (Alaska, 1959) as Carl Grimes, (The Moor’s Revenge, 1958) as Ben Jackson, (The Ballad of Oscar Wilde, 1958) as Jim Rook, (Bitter Wine, 1958) as Tim Gorman.

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